National Wine Day


It's National Wine Day in the USA! Who created this day you ask? Who knows? The origin is not specified, but why argue. If the Today Show claims it it's good enough for me. Who needs a day or reason really to enjoy a nice glass or two? 

This led me to thinking about what else but Wine. There was an article on Facebook recently that listed the characteristics of red and white wine drinkers. Quite stereotypical in nature which was in a sense what made me wonder, "What if you're both?". 

I've said it many times that Wine is truly my favorite thing to appraise. There is no possible way to know everything about every bottle and every vintage, but there more one tastes, broses and researches, the more one learns. In the few years that I have actively been appraising it, I've found a deeper understanding and respect for it. While I still tend to have a palate for relatively young wines, it is always a treat when enjoying a nicely aged bottle of Malbec or Cabernet. 

As a wine appraiser, I am often asked for my opinion on many different aspects of the wine world, values and the typical things you might ask an appraiser. However, more often than not I am asked if I'm a white wine drinker or red wine which I reply, "Didn't know I had to choose.". While I do know many people who "Only drink red" or "Only drink white", which I can respect, I simply feel like there's so many distinct reds and whites, you're really selling yourself short. I do believe that the growing trend of purchasing wine in grocery stores is adding to the limitations people put on their palates. If I had to pick my favorite varietal, I would have to go with Pinot Noir, mostly because of its versatility. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy a nice Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Food pairing is a very big part of enjoying wine for me, and let's face it, I'm not going to drink a Cabernet with a lemony shrimp or chicken dish, nor would I dream of pairing a juicy filet mignon with a Sav Blanc. (PAHLEASE!) 

I find wine, and palates, to be somewhat regional as well. There are some wines that I've noticed just taste different in different areas. For example, Malbec is something I will only typically enjoy while in Argentina, because it pairs so perfectly with their local cuisine. I've found that Chardonnay in Napa and Sonoma taste best while visiting that region. (But this is simply a personal preference.) Living in South Florida, it's not likely you'll find many people sipping a Cab or Malbec on their porch on a hot August (or right now May) evening in 95F. Personally, with the citrusy notes and crisp finish, I personally believe a good New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect wine for that sort of weather, but to each their own. 

Regardless of what you choose tonight, I hope you enjoy National Wine Day with your favorite and of course, be responsible.